Now is your chance to learn from the experience
of a country built on migrants

Study the complexities of migration through an academic and practical approach

Migration Studies

International MA Program in

I picked to come to Tel Aviv University because I wanted a migration lab of experience. I wanted to be able to study these issues in the classroom and be able to walk outside and see migration on the streets and in the people that I interact with and the relationships that I build.
Shauna Ruda, MA in Migration Studies



About migration studies AT TAU

The International M.A. in Migration Studies program is a one year, interdisciplinary Masters degree taught in English. This graduate program gives students a comprehensive look into the global and local issues of migration, including themes such as labor migration, refugees and asylum seekers, diasporas, policy, ethnic identity and integration. Throughout the year, students explore recent trends, compare immigration policies, and debate some of the most controversial issues of today's globalized world. This international program is an opportunity to be part of a diverse student body that in itself provides a platform for different local knowledge and experiences to converge and create a unique environment for learning.