Migration Studies

International MA Program in

Jewish Diasporas and Migration

Prof. Chaim I. Waxman

This course will examine the nature of mass Jewish migration during the past 150 years. It will look at the countries from which Jews emigrated, the reasons for their emigration -- including the migration policies of those countries, as well as the countries to which they migrated and the reasons for migrating there.

The primary migrations to be examined are: pre-1880s migration from Europe; 1881-1924 (US & Palestine); 1948-1960 (mass aliyah/migration from Europe and North Africa); American aliyah; migrations from FSU; Israeli migration to the US.
We will examine the impact of the migrations on the countries to which they migrated, as well as the impact on the migrants themselves, including analysis of their socioeconomic status and their Jewish identity and identification.