The Adler Center studies the factors and processes which lead to developmental and behavioral disorders in babies, children and adolescents. This research is aimed towards providing comprehensive data (i.e., norms) as to normal development, as well as the incidence of deviations of various kinds. The center engages in theoretic and applied research with regard to biological, behavioral and environmental processes which lead to normal or abnormal development in children. Specific fields of the center’s research include: a) bio-behavioral and neuro-physiological processes in normal emotional-social development; b) specific disorders, such as panic disorders, social withdrawal, sleep disorders and post-trauma; c) gender-identity development and behavior/attribution regarding gender identity; and d) parenting skills and knowledge. The center’s research activity is based in part on the school of psychological sciences' neuro-developmental and cognitive research lab, which is used to carry out developmental-behavioral studies which feature a host of physiological aspects pertaining to neurological functioning and other bodily systems. Other research is based on the sleep disorder lab for children and infants, which also offers clinical services for children and infants suffering from sleep disorders. The center’s research activity also includes a) organizing academic conferences (including invitations extended to leading researchers in various fields), with the goal of broadening the knowledge of the center’s staff members as well as that of the wider scientific and clinical community; b) fostering scientific ties to scientists around the world (including invitations extended to scientists to take part in exchanges of knowledge and reciprocal visits); and c) weekly and monthly seminars presenting topics pertaining to the center’s activities. The activities are carried out by members of the center’s staff, students, guest lecturers and visitors of the center. The center’s current staff includes Prof. Avi Sadeh (Director of the center), Prof. Amiram Raviv, Prof. Thalma Lobel, Prof. Alan Apter, Prof. Yona Teichman, Dr. Michelle Slone and Prof. Yair Bar-Haim.