Dates for submitting applications: the end of the first semester and during summer break


The Ph.D. program consists of two phases. In the first phase, students complete their classroom studies, prepare a research proposal and obtain approval for their studies. The writing process takes place during the second Pphase. Students are supervised by their instructor(s) and an advising committee throughout the process. Doctoral students are encouraged to publish their work in peer-reviewed professional journals.

  • Student requirements – phase one:

Eight semester hours of coursework pertaining to the student’s field of study. As per the supervisor’s instructions, courses may be chosen from among the M.A.-level courses offered by the school of psychological sciences or other departments.

One course on data processing (a computer programming language).

A progress report of up to three pages, to be submitted once per year, including details on the student’s progress in his or her research and a timetable for fulfillment of his or her objectives, approved by the student’s supervisor(s).

Ph.D.-level students are required to participate in a research workshop, where they must present their research proposals and report on the progress they have made.

  • Student requirements – phase two:

A progress report, similar to that outlined above, to be submitted to the school's and unit-wide committees.

Submission of the doctoral dissertation.

    The Ph.D. Program